Twin Sons Of Different Mothers


Album: Twin Sons Of Different Mothers Artist: Dan Fogelberg; Tim Weisberg
Label: Full Moon; Epic Catalog: JE 35339
Year: 1978 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade: NM
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Title Artist Length
Twins Theme 361424Dan Fogelberg& 1:29
Intimidation 361424Dan Fogelberg& 3:27
Lazy Susan 361424Dan Fogelberg& 2:36
Guitar Étude No. 3 361424Dan Fogelberg& 2:53
Tell Me To My Face 361424Dan Fogelberg& 7:15
Hurtwood Alley 361424Dan Fogelberg& 2:48
Lahaina Luna 361424Dan Fogelberg& 3:15
Paris Nocturne 361424Dan Fogelberg& 3:34
Since You've Asked 361424Dan Fogelberg& 2:41
Power Of Gold, The 361424Dan Fogelberg& 4:34


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"This album constitutes a collaboration, experimental in nature, between Tim and myself. It is an attempt for both of us to move outside our own recognizable boundaries and try new directions - new forms of music which we rarely get to explore on our own. It is a chance to stretch, an opportunity to grow, and a hell of a lot of fun." - D. Fogelberg