Wide Awake In America


Album: Wide Awake In America Artist: U2
Label: Island Records Catalog:
Year: 1985 Genre: Rock
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Title Artist Length
Bad (Live) 6520U2 7:59
A Sort Of Homecoming (Live) 6520U2 4:04
Three Sunrises, The 6520U2 3:46
Love Comes Tumbling 6520U2 4:41


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"A special low priced collection of live recordings and out takes from The Unforgettable Fire tour and album, 1984 - 85." Side A: Island Music, Inc. (BMI) ℗ 1984 Island Records Inc. Side B: U2 (PRS) ℗ 1985 Island Records Inc. Island Records, Inc., *TM owned by Antilles Communications Ltd., Dist. By Atlantic Recording Corp. A Warner Communications Company. ℗ © 1985 Island Records, Inc. Printed in U.S.A. Distributed by Atco Records