Yakety Sax


Album: Yakety Sax Artist: Boots Randolph
Label: RCA Camden Catalog: CXS-9003-1
Year: 1971 Genre: Jazz
Medium: Vinyl Grade: NM-
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Rating: ID: 2139
Date Created: 2014-08-12 Date Modified: 2014-08-12
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A1 Yakety Sax 1:57
A2 Teach Me Tonight 2:56
A3 After You've Gone 2:00
A4 Temptation 2:20
A5 La Golondria (The Swallow) 1:55
B1 Big Daddy 2:03
B2 The Battle Of New Orleans 1:55
B3 Sleep Walk 1:57
B4 Sleep 2:35
C1 So Rare 2:32
C2 Little Big Horn 2:12
C3 Sweet Talk 1:59
C4 The Happy Whistler 1:55
C5 Estrellita 2:00
D1 Greenback Dollar 2:19
D2 Blue Guitar 2:32
D3 Percolator 2:04
D4 Red Light 2:17