You've Got The Power


Album: You've Got The Power Artist: Third World
Label: CBS Catalog: FC 37744
Year: 1982 Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Medium: Vinyl Grade: VG+
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Title Artist Length
Try Jah Love 40152Third World 6:55
Ride On 40152Third World 4:58
You're Playing Us Too Close 40152Third World 7:00
Before You Make Your Move (Melt With Everyone) 40152Third World 3:36
Jah, Jah Children Moving Up 40152Third World 4:42
You've Got The Power (To Make A Change) 40152Third World 3:57
Inna Time Like This 40152Third World 4:31
I Wake Up Cryin' 40152Third World 3:34
Low Key-Jammin' 40152Third World 4:40


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Those who make us possible though they may not all still be here on this planet they're always in our hearts.
Charles & Lena, Donald & Ruthlyn, Hillary & Cislyn, Claude & lavinia, Herbert & Evelyn, David & Rita... Brother Bob Marley "Who gone before..inspiration to carry on."